Buying and selling football tickets has never been easier.

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Buying tickets should be easy.

As easy as beating Michigan.

Buying tickets for Ohio State football from another student should be painless. Facebook and GroupMe are not painless.

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Even if you don't get a student package, with TicketBay, you can still experience the greatest damn band in the land. And beat ❌ichigan.

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Worked perfectly.

Bought a ticket in less than 15 minutes and had it in my hands within 8 hours. Great ability to filter for what you want.

By Anna Braam on Google Play


Useful, convenient app.

I saw this app mentioned on reddit and figured I’d give it a try. Last year, I bought tickets on Facebook, and it was hard to keep track of what was available and who I was contacting. Today, I purchased three tickets for an upcoming game, and it was really easy for me to see everything that was for sale, and for me to contact the seller. This app works well, and I hope it continues to grow in popularity. Go bucks!

By Lotionconspiracy on the App Store


Great app with even better developers

This app, although only out for a short time, has already helped me. I have already been able to find tickets to the games I want to see later in this fall. The developers were super helpful and responsive when I had any questions. Thanks so much Salty Software!

By Deswagmiester on the App Store


Great App!

Very well designed app. I am finally able to find tickets that other student are selling much easier than searching forums online. I can take my brother to football games now!

By Lukedog21 on the App Store